John Doe is founded by Hein Mevissen and Didi Bok. Mevissen and Bok work as a creative artist team since 1999. Both worked at several advertising companies and since 2001 Creative directors at their own advertising company John doe. In 2004 they started Ollimania, a character and product design company. Since 2005 they have also a production company called Filthy Film. Mevissen and Bok direct, write and publish books, design, produce, illustrate and create.

Endings are tricky things, it is the moment to pull the threads together and leave the reader with an inspirationally and emotionally satisfying finish. But there is no finish line. As Bok and Mevissen say: 
creative minds don’t have happy endings. Creative minds have no ending… So this booklet leaves you with no finish and only hunger for more to see.
Tons of ink has been spilled to give you a brief look at the creative output of Bok
and Mevissen. If you have any comments or if you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact them at
It was my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Didi Bok and Hein Mevissen and to show some of their amazing work.
- Sam Stewart -
Stewart is a markting specialist and journalist. He is the author of a few books, including the national best-seller, “ Big Balls and How to create great work for …“ He is a strong believer in freedom.  “A community, a person, an organization that puts freedom before equality will get a high-ranking degree of both. Stewart  engages with his fans at events and email. The frequent asked questions at events to him is: How to make your marketing work better? His answer is simple: It’s not something that should simply be delegated to publishers, advertisers, or PR specialists. That’s because your best marketing comes from the creating itself. You have to create something others love in the first place Marketing works really well when you create value for others. When you make someone’s life significantly better, that’s an experience that ends up getting shared with others. There’s no better marketing than that.

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